ECD Infinity Pro Composite Women's Lacrosse Shaft

Color: White


Lacrosse is all about feel. You feel the ball in your pocket. You feel the double coming. You feel the crowd watching. But do you feel in control of your stick?

With the Infinity Pro, the answer is always, "Yes". Featuring a lightweight, advanced carbon fiber design, a soft-touch coating, and a subtle section of raised texture, this shaft is built for control. Add a Kick Point for increased snap on all your shots and passes and you have a serious upgrade to your game.

High Kick-Point
Provides a quick, snappy release perfect for sharp shots and passes.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Material
Provides lightweight control without sacrificing strength.

Provides perfect feel all over the field.

Raised Bottom Hand Texture
Provides additional grip so you are always in total control.

Soft-Touch Coating
Provides that "just right" feel for maximum comfort.

6 month warranty.

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