Epoch Dragonfly Purpose Pro S32 iQ9 Women's Composite Lacrosse Shaft

Color: White


The New Dragonfly Purpose Pro is designed and engineered for the elite women’s player. From in-tight finishes, on the run shooting, and step-down shots from the 8-meter, this Dragonfly is unmatched in performance. Made in the USA, this Dragonfly is packed full of Epoch Proprietary Technology. Dragonfly Purpose Pro will be available in the Epoch’s C and S geometry and engineered with Epochs A.C.L Pro. Featuring Epoch’s Micro-Bead texture. This texture improves the overall grip and feel of the shaft, giving you the best connection. Additionally, it will feature S.V.T, HD Resin, Reload Technology and available in Flex iQ9.

The Flex you get:

Flex iQ9 – Designed to give players the perfect amount of flex when finishing inside, shooting on the run or standing and shooting on the 8-meter.

Geometry Options:

S - 7/8" Diameter. Slim Concave Geometry. Control.

Tech Specs

Generation: 11
Position: Attack/ Midfield
Length: 32”
Geometry: Available in S
Material: Composite/Carbon Fiber
Flex iQ: Available in iQ9
Top Coat: Micro-Bead
Release Point: Uniform
Technology Platform: A.C.L. Pro

Torque Box Pro: Yes
HD Resin: Yes

S.V.T: Yes

Reload Technology Yes

Toughness Level: 2
Warranty: 6-Months
Available in Naked Carbon, White, Red, Navy, Carolina Blue, Green
Made in USA


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