Lax Sak - Argyle
Lax Sak - ArgyleLax Sak - Argyle
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Lacrosse Sak is America’s #1 soft lacrosse training ball and has the same weight and dimensions as a regular rubber lacrosse ball. Its soft design makes it perfect for all levels of play but especially great for beginners by lessening the fear of being hit by a hard rubber lacrosse ball. Lacrosse Sak’s shock absorbent design does not allow for the ball to bounce or roll far which means less time chasing rebounded balls and more time for skill development.

The Lacrosse Sak Ball:

Soft practice lacrosse ball. Allows new players to the game of lacrosse to feel more at ease and confident when learning the game. The softer outer leather is less intimidating and does not hurt like a rubber lacrosse ball

Same size and weight as a regulation lacrosse ball but softer

Ideal for indoor and gym practices. Soft design is gentle on hardwood floors, allows for less bounce and minimal rebounds. No More Chasing!

Can be used by all levels of lacrosse players, great for indoor surfaces, outdoor practices, and training. We have sold to Schools and Coaches around the country.

Can be used on lacrosse rebounders

Great for Goalie Training

Weight: 140 to 145 Grams, Diameter 64 mm.

Please note that with use, balls will soften overtime and become even better.

Lacross Sak is Latex Free

Warning: Lacrosse Sak is not intended for animal use. Dangerous if ingested by animals or humans.

Any projectile, such as the Lacrosse Sak, is capable of causing serious injury or death. Always wear age-appropriate head and eye wear and avoid shooting the Lacrosse Sak ball at the face or head of another player. Even when protective gear is used it may not prevent all serious injuries.

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