Lizard Skins Stick Tape - Solid Colors

Color: Neon Green


Lizard Skins has released an all new and updated Version 2 - Lizard Skins V2 Lacrosse Stick Shaft Grip Tape which can be found HERE!!


What is Lizard Skins Lacrosse Wrap?

Lizard Skins DSP (Durasoft Polymer) lacrosse wrap is uniquely soft and light-weight with the right amount of tackiness to ensure a comfortable and consistent grip. The polymer material is engineered with a strategic pattern to ensure non-slip performance in all weather conditions. The superior gripping properties allow players to lighten their grip pressure on the stick resulting in better cradling and shot control.


  • 0.5mm thickness
  • Designed to improve the performance of any lacrosse stick
  • Optimized feel and control (slip resistant)
  • 39 inches in length with pre-cut ends
  • Includes DSP finishing tape
  • Full adhesive back

Why 0.5mm thickness?

Lizard Skins DSP lacrosse wrap is offered in 0.5 mm thickness because players at the highest level of competition want all the gripping properties of our DSP material without any added thickness to the lacrosse stick. The size and thickness of lacrosse gloves eliminate any need for added thicknesses to the grip itself.

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