Maverik Ascent Women's Lacrosse Head
Maverik Ascent Women's Lacrosse HeadMaverik Ascent Women's Lacrosse Head
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The Ascent is designed for the do-it-all midfielder. The 22 degree release angle allows for high-powered shots, accurate passes, and superior draw control. With enhanced stiffness and a ground control scoop, the Ascent is tenacious in unsettled situations.

  • 22 Degree Release Angle creates maximum offset allowing for ultimate ball control while cradling, passing, and shooting on the move.
  • Sidewall Geometry design for the draw allows the Ascent to slide easily into the opponents head for better placement on the draw.
  • Consistent channel puts the ball in the sweet spot every time for a quick release.

To find a shaft to pair with your new Maverik Women's Lacrosse Head, check out our women's lacrosse shaft collection HERE.

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