New Balance Burn X4 Black Lacrosse Cleats
New Balance Burn X4 Black Lacrosse CleatsNew Balance Burn X4 Black Lacrosse CleatsNew Balance Burn X4 Black Lacrosse CleatsNew Balance Burn X4 Black Lacrosse Cleats
Men 6/ Women 7.5Men 6.5/ Women 8Men 7/ Women 8.5Men 7.5/ Women 9Men 8/ Women 9.5Men 8.5/ Women 10Men 9/ Women 10.5Men 9.5/ Women 11Men 10/ Women 11.5Men 10.5/ Women 12Men 11/ Women 12.5Men 11.5/ Women 13Men 12/ Women 13.5Men 12.5/ Women 14Men 13/ Women 14.5
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  • Positioned as an elite speed cleat for players that separate themselves from the competition with a “one move and go” playing style... burn em’!
  • Pushing the boundaries of speed with new plate construction that improves traction, weightless feel, and targeted flex zones.
  • New FueCell insert provides higher rebound and propulsive feel.
  • Improving fit and feel with a new last shape and additional widths. This unlocks speed for every athlete no matter gender, size, foot shape, or playing ability.
  • New Plate = Improved Performance 
  • Larger studs improve traction
  • Targeted forefoot flex 
  • X-frame coring 30% lighter without sacrificing stiffness •
  • New FuelCell Insert = Improved Rebound
  • Higher energy return 
  • Propulsive feel
  • New Last = Improved Fit
  • Articulated heel – locked in feel
  • Slimmer collar
  • Sleeker instep
  • Standard D Width.

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