StringKing Lacrosse Performance Strings
StringKing Lacrosse Performance StringsStringKing Lacrosse Performance Strings
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- 4 Sidewall Strings
  • Strings easy & stays tight
  • Tight construction & gripping texture

- 1 Bottom Lace
  • Soft & easily adjustable
  • Prevents mesh from ripping

This is the Performance Mesh Kit Part 2 of 3
*Mesh Piece is Part 1 of 3 and Shooters are Part 3 of 3

Why Performance Strings?

The two most critical components of stringing a consistent, high-performing pocket are where/how you attach the mesh to the head and how tightly it's done. We meticulously engineer the highest performing pockets in the world and provide stringing patterns that allow anyone to replicate these pockets. Our sidewall strings have plastic tips and a tight, rugged construction that make stringing tight sidewalls easier.

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Sidewall (Options)
Plain Shooters
Striker Shooters
Crosslace (Options)
Shooter Cord (Options)