Throne Fiber 2G Lacrosse Goalie Mesh Stringing Kit
Throne Fiber 2G Lacrosse Goalie Mesh Stringing Kit
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FIBER 2G Mesh builds on its predecessor's design by adding a new materials to its construction for unmatched speed and strength. These two different materials are used strategically for maximum benefit. New CTRL fiber is ultra-lightweight and low-stretch for consistent channeling and killer speed. OG fiber is used for the center channel and selvages for its amplifying elasticity and grip.

FIBER 2G Stringing is constructed with Crosse Weave II which utilizes a new duo fiber construction for a lighter and stronger sidewall. These two different materials are strategically placed for maximum benefit. The string's core is made with the new CTRL fiber which is ultra-lightweight and low-stretch is to keep sidewalls tight and weight to a minimum. The string's shell is made with OG fiber for durability and grip to lock down knots.

FIBER 2G System improves on the gold standard of lacrosse stringing with a new duo fiber construction for more speed, strength, and agility backed by the best warranty. Designed and built in USA.

60 Grams
FIBER 2G utilizes new ultralight materials striking a supreme balance between durability and weight.

15 KN
Duo fiber construction AMP CHANNEL flexes for maximum energy transfer without excess whip.

HEX DIAMOND II symmetrical structure hugs the ball for unmatched feel and control.

6 Month Guarantee
Element phobic material grants ultimate performance in all climates and conditions.

  • 12 Diamond Mesh
  • Fine needle construction
  • 25 mm diamonds
  • Made in USA
  • 6 month warranty
  • Authenticity tag

The FIBER 2G System includes FIBER 2G 12 Diamond Mesh, 12' of FIBER String, 36" FIBER Shooter Cord, 2 x 48" FIBER Shooters and 12" FIBER Bottom Lace.

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