Throne VISION O1 Frost Lacrosse Helmet Visor



Lacrosse eye shield features shatterproof optically correct lens with CHROMA HDR Technology for ultimate field vision. Legal for all play and engineered for Cascade S and R helmets.

OPTICS - 200 degree optically correct spherical lens for unparalleled clarity.

DURABILITY - Scratch resistant and anti-fog coating keeps vision crystal clear.

PROTECTION - Shatterproof shield protects from elements, debris, and UV light.

CAGE CLIP - Quick change hardware to give you the edge in any environment.

WARRANT - 12 month warranty against breakage.

High definition reflective optic with CHROMA Technology for ultimate performance in most environments. Selective light filtering makes the orange goal pop against the blue of the sky and the green of the grass. FROST has a warm color cast that is easy on the eyes.

COLORS - Selectively filters the full spectrum of light to optimize vision.

DEPTH - Mirror coating reflect harsh glare to improve distance viewing.

CONTRAST - Blocks harmful light to reveal a more dynamic environment.

CLARITY - Combination of shape, light filters, and glare reduction for ultimate vision.

LENS COLOR: Royal Blue/Cyan/Purple
CONDITIONS: Bright to Cloudy

VLT: 20%

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