TRUE Key Lacrosse Head

Color: White


The TRUE Key Lacrosse Head has been discontinued! You can find all available True Temper Lacrosse products here or you can find all available Men's Lacrosse Heads here!

Made TRUE engineering has created a lighter, tighter head that will allow experienced players to reach new levels of performance.

  • Pro Pinch
  • Precision Flare
  • Iso-Twist Design
  • Aggressive Offset
  • 4.3oz

Lighter. Tighter. Locked In.
Engineered for the experienced player.

Pro Pinch
More accuracy and consistency.
Narrows the travel path improving accuracy and consistency of release.

Precision Flare
Keeps the ball in the sweet spot.
Creates a longer throat enabling a tighter channel to keep the ball in the sweet spot resulting in a more consistent release.

Aggressive Offset
Best feel & maximum control.
Drops low and fast, staying down all the way to the scoop creating maximum ball control advantage.

Iso Twist
Lighter head with stiffness & strength.

Maximum stringing holes for ultimate pocket customization and micro adjustments.

The TRUE Key Head is the Future of the Game.
It's not bravado, it's engineering. The Pro Pinch and Precision Flare create less room for the ball to move around... the key factor in creating new levels of accuracy and consistent release.

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