Warrior Burn 2 Max Lacrosse Head

Color: White


The Warrior Burn 2 Max Lacrosse Head has been discontinued!  You can find all available Warrior Lacrosse products here or you can find all available Men's Lacrosse Heads here!

Designed for the transition defenseman that is looking for a tighter face shape and max durability.

Sym-Flex designed into scoop and bottom rail prompt scoop fold and back-rail pinch that will allow you to maximize accuracy on long passes and shot power while playing in the offensive zone.

Patent pending Tilt-Tech string hole design improves pocket tension and pocket consistency.

Bottom rail designed for mid pocket placement for added hold and ball control.

Re-designed scoop to allow for easy ground ball pickups from all angles.

Patent pending LOC-Throat, and 2 screw holes eliminates head rattle and adds stability.

Sym-Flex - Targeted flex zones in the scoop and bottom rail which help maximize hold and accuracy.

Tilt-Tech - Angled string hole design makes it easier to string sidewall laces tight and secure for improved hold and pocket consistency.

Sym-Rail - Symmetrical sidewall design where the inside of the sidewall mimics the outside, reducing weight without sacrificing stiffness for perfect balance.

Loc-Throat - As the screw inserts into the shaft, the legs of the Loc-Throat spread, providing both internal and external pressure for a more secure fit.

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