Warrior Fatboy Rib Guard
Warrior Fatboy Rib Guard
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Lacrosse rib pads that can be used both in the arena and on the regular fields for offensive minded players that want more protection. The Warrior Fatboy rib guards are designed with a little less bulk than the Fatboy Pro model and are great for younger players getting into box. Make no mistake, if you are stepping into box lacrosse, no matter what age, we STRONGLY suggest that you get quality rib protection for all those bangs and bruises in the boards.

  • Super-tough outer shell for max protection in key impact areas
  • Rear breaks help wrap and provide full protective coverage to the midsection and back
  • Male/Female clip system for easy on/off


XS - Age 5-9 - Height under 4' 6" - Weight under 70 lbs
S - Age 10-12 - Height 4'7" to 5' 4" - Weight 70-110lbs
M - Age 13-16 - Height 5'4" to 5'9" - Weight 110-150lbs
L - Age 17 adult - Height 5'9" over - Weight 150lbs+

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